how to animate change of perspective

im trying to simulate the mouvment of a png on 3d space. the closest tool that i found to do so on 2d software is perspective, its available on gimp but on synfig the closest way that i know of to change perspective is using wrap layer, and i don’t know how to work it out, im still new to synfig. that’s an exemple video im trying to achieve that change in perspective from 0:5 0:06

Isn’t the wiki page clear enough?

im trying to change the position of an object then its perspective, when i add the wrap layer, the object’s position moves WITH THE PERSPECTIVE CHANGED. the layer is being applied from the beginning of the animation and i don’t know how to apply it just from 1s to end time

To keep the object in place when apply the perspective, you need to set the corners of the perspective destination properly around the object. Notice that the source rectangle must be centered on the object, to achieve a good effect.

To animate from 1s to end of time, just place the destination handles of the warp layers onto the corresponding source handles of the warp layer (source == destination) and move (animate) them only from 1s to end of time to produce the perspective.

If source == destination then object is not warped.

Thank you so much G, it worked :smiley: