How soon resize window bug will be fixed?

This makes Synfig completely unusable for me since
a) default canvas window is too darn small (you should think of one window interface, like GIMP have)
b) even if system unfreezes after alt-tabbing, synfig itself is freezed and I have to kill the process.

Unless you’re abusing GTK in a weird way, bugs like that shouldn’t happen, I know, I worked with that poor excuse of UI toolkit. Heck, I don’t even know what MIGHT cause this kind of bug and I’m programming since I was 9 (this Sunday I turn 24).

darkhog, are you aware of the awesome development of the latest months?

Just wait a little more until Synfig Studio 1.0 arrives! \o/

Meanwhile, hotfix release may be appropriate.

I was initially frustrated by the resize window bug. I didn’t fully understand how to work around it, and still may not understand the work-around fully. Here is what I do now,

Pressing Alt-Tab once may initially release the lock-up. But, it may also be necessary to press it a few times. And still occasionally, I resort to forcing it to stop and then re-start it.

Can any one else provide more detail? Is there a reliable sequence that will bypass this bug?


Download devbuild 0.65.0. It still theoretically has “resize bug”, but default window size is big enough, resizing isn’t needed. Though it has some… speed issues.

Resize bug in stable windows version: untick single thread in settings, resize window, tick single thread in settings, done.

Better solution, download latest awesome windows dev version, it has workable bones, switch layers, z-range, single ui and to my knowledge no resize bug and much less issues with multithread and it’s not even finetuned yet, so that looks very promising for the future when 1.0 comes out. The dev version has some hick ups but noting that a regular use of ctrl-s could not solve. At least not for me.

What speed issues did you encounter? Indulging yourself in overpixelated feathering again? :wink: