how i can do a light out a window??

how to make a light out of the window effect!!
ie as a person looking at the image he feels that there is a light that comes out of 4 windows to the room??
this is my image wisth i made with synfig:

please help me i am new in synfig :frowning:

To create light you need first to add dark.
I’ve darken the scene by adding a Color Correct layer over the background. Reducing brightness works fine. The windows doesn’t seem to be affected because they are saturated.
Second I added light on the windows by adding a white rectangle of amount 0.2 feathering it a bit and adding a Radial Blur on top of each one.
This is the result:
1160376239.sifz (1.15 KB)

thanks very much it works :smiley:
you are the best man
and the best forum :smiley: