How do you run Synfig on Mac OS X?

How do you run Synfig (the command-line program, not Synfig Studio) on Mac OS X?

I’m not familiar with UNIX and the Mac Terminal at all, and an instruction on how to render Synfig project file from a Mac Terminal would be greatly appreciated. None of the following Wiki pages on Synfig mention anything about running Synfig on Mac.

Any recommended way to set environmental variables for Synfig in Mac Terminal?

I want to be able to execute Synfig from any directory in a Mac Terminal, so that I can execute Synfig from the directory where my Synfig project file is in.

Try to create a bash file (with executable permissions) containing:

  • exports for the environment variables
  • the full path to synfig executable with parameters … inal-only/

Thanks BobSynfig!

I have created .bash_profile file in my home directory with the following content:

#!/bin/bash export PATH="$PATH:/Applications/"

Now, I can run synfig from any directory in my Mac OS X Terminal.

However, whenever I run synfig, I get notified about a missing module, as in the following:

What is mod_libavcodec? Why do I get the above warning? How can I make it go away, likely by adding the missing module?

(On second thought, I realize that a module missing from a distribution package is probably a bug.)

It is just an “Info” you can ignore it, but you surely can’t export in some formats.

From the source code:
MODULE_NAME(“LibAVCodec Module (From FFMPEG)”)
MODULE_DESCRIPTION(“Provides import/export ability for AVI, MPG, ASF, and a variety of other formats.”)
MODULE_AUTHOR(“Adrian Bentley”) :wink:

I can run synfig on Mac OS X, but it fails to render. (Synfig version 1.0.2.)

How can that be fixed?

Hummmm rare… can you try with another synfig (lower or devellopement) version ? If devellopement version still have a problem with “mod_libavcodec” report an issue. (

You can try to render with another target (png for exActually ample) … and then use avconv for ex : “avconv -f image2 -i foo-%03d.png -r 24 -s WxH foo.avi” / (idem with ffmpeg)