How do you create room corners?

I’m working on an animation which I hope to publish to Youtube as an ongoing series. I get a lot of scenes shot and then realize that none of the rooms have corners. They’re just walls. Is there a way to angle an image object so that it appears to have depth?

Hi ki4jgt,
I’m not this could be done directly with Synfig.

You could do it with GIMP, but it would be hard to maintain proportions and you will have to do a lot of manual calculation

The most “simple” would be to use Blender:

  • Create the room in 3D with the proper dimensions
  • Set you “real-life” images as textures
  • Set the view angle
  • Render “angled screenshots” with the dimensions of your Synfig animation

or you could render you characters as series of transparent PNGs, the same from Blender for the background and integrate the whole in a non-linear video editor

Hoping this will help you :slight_smile: