How do you create custom bones/skeleton

Any idea also which is better?

I think you need to elaborate your question a bit. How do you mean, custom bones?

Bones will be removed by skeleton in the future right? In the plugins there is an add skeleton option How do I make my own one like for example for 4 legged creatures kinda like in Blender?


try the development snapshot version of Synfig instead, it has the new bone feature which makes the plugin obsolete.

I am using a development snapshot built on june 9 2014 where is this plugin?

New Layer > Other > Skeleton.


However, I think it’s a complex task to link each point to the skeleton, or to the bone.

Also in the latest release there is also a “skeleton deformation” layer on the distortions category

Yes, but still way easier than creating a custom skeleton like in the plugin. Animation is a tedious craft with lots of time consuming tasks like this.
But of course much can be done to speed up usage of this and other features, it’s called development. If you have any idea on how Synfig can be improved please add a bug report or feature request.

This is for deforming images, bending them like you can do with vector artwork and the normal skeleton layer.

Hello, thanks for your answer:

It’s not just for deforming images. I’ve tried with shapes and they can be deformed too. I believe that also can do it with groups. But you can’t locate the deforming skeleton. I mean, you can’t fix the location of the deform skeleton layer, because it deform the layer below inmediatelly. With the other skeleton layer you can do it, but you have to link each point to the bones, for each shape in each group. It will be good if a skeleton layer could combine the best of both.

Some time ago, I filled a bug request, and the synfig team solved. But later I tried to fill another request, but I had trouble with my password and username. I guess it was a trouble with the webpage. I haven’t tried again.

Could someone show me with pictures how to rig something with skeleton layer?

There are videos of how it works in Konstantins weekly development reports.
There is no documetation other than that yet.

This is how I do it. I found out myself using trial and error so I don’t know if it is the correct way, but it works for me.

ps. Don’t comment about the pdf lay-out. I just cooked it up in three minutes. :smiley:

Great to the point tutorial!