How do I give my animation a higher "resolution"? It's jerky

Please forgive my terrible lack of animation vocabulary-- I am very new to this! I am having fun exploring Synfig, and I made a small animation of a circle moving to the right, slowing down, and moving to the left. But the movement is very “jerky,” for lack of a better word. How do I give it a smoother movement? I am guessing this has something to do with frames per second, but when I increase dthe frames per second, it didn’t do anything. :confused: Does anyone know how to address this?

Do you press the play button below the canvas? If so, then your computer probably can’t play back in real time, skipping frames. Try to do a preview render.

Are you talking about the exported video playing or the love play playing on canvas,window?

Yes! That was the problem. Thank you. I was just playing it in the canvas. I had not yet rendered it. :slight_smile: