How did they do it?

Hi everyone,

I would love to have some clue on how the first sequences of this synfig animation video was done

And i mean that impression that a camera is filming and moving downward…I don’t know how to put it sorry :blush: …hope you understand.
Which tool do you think they used? zoom? Or what is it? I couldn’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance.

The multiplane effect is made by moving the three planes and the camera at the same time. The scene is break down in four planes:

  • Front Trees and ground (red line)
  • Second plane foliage (cyan line)
  • Mountains (yellow line)
  • Sky - moon

They are move relative to each others from separated vertically to final composition. At the same time the framed area moves from top to down giving the illusion of a stereoscopic multiplane camera.


Thanks Genete, this shows the wonderful things one can do using Synfig. When I first started using synfig, i didn’t expect it to be that performing and to offer so many options. Synfig holds a lot of hidden treasures :slight_smile: , one just needs to go and explore.

Once again thanks for your help

Agree with Genete…But you can zoom the camera to add more effects :slight_smile: