How could I show a 2D animation in this web page?

Hi! My name is Alex and I am working in Synfig a few weeks ago. Whatever, I have a small project in 2D animation with Synfig and I wish to share in this web page, once it be finished. May somebody explain to me how can do it, please? PD: I apologize, my English is not good.

Hola! My nombre es Alex y soy de Colombia. Estoy trabajando con Synfig desde hace unas semanas. Tengo un pequeno proyecto de animacion den 2D que quisiera compartir con ustedes, una vez este finalizado. Podria alguien explicarme como publicar mi animacion en esta Pagina Web, por favor?

Hi Welcome to Synfig world.

you can render your animation in gif format and attached in your post or just upload it somewhere and paste the link here.

Hi Aureliano Buendia,
Welcome to Synfig :slight_smile:
As jcome mentioned gif format is good for web publishing. Just be sure that you select Imagemagick or Magick++ as targets and that you give a ‘gif’ extension to the output render file.
Also you can export your animation to a movie format and then upload it to youtube, vimeo or whatever other video publishing service.

PS: “My name is Alex” and your user name is Aureliano Buendía??? :open_mouth:

Hi Aureliano,
Welcome aboard. You can find more information on rendering in the wiki: … g_to_Video

What I usually do is

  1. render in png, then
  2. use ffmpeg to turn the sequence of png images into a video I then
  3. upload to (need flv format) or (need mp4 format) and
  4. put the code for their flash player in my webpage (embedded)

an example:

Thanks for everybody! I appreciate your help.