How can I render in a movie file?

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I wanted to render in something else as .gif, for example .avi, .mov, .mpg, ogg or any basic videofile. Sadly, I can’t use .gif in my video editing program, and I don’t know how to render in a movie-format… somehow I just can’t. :frowning:

this is the best way to obtain a movie from synfig: … quality.3F
Render the animation as PNG sequence and join then all with a command line encoder.
Alternatively you can render it using mpg, libav, or ffmpeg targets in the render dialog and the proper file extension but it doesn’t assure the higher quality on the final render because the pipeline for those encoders are not quality optimized.

I want to render in 720p, but there is written yuv420p… is that a problem? ^^

I don’t think so. Anyway, as mentioned down in the link, a png sequence is better for this reason:

  1. Once you render a frame you don’t need to render it anymore. If you change something in your animation that affects to only some known frames you have only to render those frames only. With yuv format you have to render the entire animation that might be a problem for long shots.
  2. yuv output size is huge. Maybe you have troubles with memory management if the file size is higher than 2GB under a 32 bit OS.


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How do you join them all with a command line encoder? (Plus the URL … quality.3F leads to one of those “file not found” pages)

Recently we have restructured and moved to other server the wiki and the site. We have not updated all the links. Sorry for the inconveniences. … quality.3F
Additionally to this tip, the latest release (0.62.01) includes an interface to ffmpeg where you can choose the codec and the bitrate to pass to. There you can produce better quality movies. I still recommending the original tip for large renders.