how can i make typogrphy ??

[b][size=150]Please, can I make a typography with “synfig” like what’s in this video??

[size=150]Are there any tutorials?[/size]

[size=200]Or can you give me the name of a software that enables me to make things that are similar to thing in the video?[/b][/size]

Everything I’ve seen in the video is possible to do with Synfig.

[size=200]is there any tutorial please ![/size]

There isn’t any specific tutorial to do things like shown in the video. Just learn to animate things with the Synfig tools.
Have you tried to do it by your self? Specifically, which part of your trial have you get troubles with? Have you done the basic tutorials?

Btw, making request with large font sizes is considered a bad habit in a forum.

[b][size=150] the text tool in synfig is very weak and cann’t do any thing [/size]

[size=150]can i make the text in inscape and import if from synfig ???[/size]

[size=150]yes i have see the basic videos untill flower animation ! [/size]

[size=150]or can you give me the tutorial that will help me to make like this video[/b][/size]

Yes, you can create text in Inkscape and export it to Synfig format.
You’ve seen the tutorials, but have you done them?

[size=200]please how can i create text in Inkscape and export it to Synfig format
a text not photo
is there any tutorial ?? or can you tell me how ?[/size]


You can use “SIF exporter extension for Inkscape”
please take a look at the below link before ask questions

good luck and enjoy synfiging :mrgreen:

I think it’s time for another feature: easier Typography!

Don’t you think? :laughing: