How can I animate my own imported graphic

Hi there,
I am trying to make a little animation of my coorperate logo which is a octopus. I would like to start with a little ball coming from the right side out of the far behind and getting bigger as it flyes into the center of the screen. Then the eight legs should start growing out of the body till the logo is finished. Then the company name should start to fly in from the far left side into the center of the screen and beeing
merged with the octopus and showing the real logo. All this has to happen in 4 s.
This seems to me as a not possible projects.
Is there anybody out there who can give me some advice how to get this realized ?
You can see my logo at youtube The intro does not look good at this point…
Looking forward hearing from anybody.
Best Regards

Hey Turbowilly, Nice Video by the way.

I’m no expert on Synfig, you might want to wait for someone more senior to provide you with some help. But this is how I would proceed with what you are trying to do:

First I’d get the logo into it’s final form in synfig (how you want it to look when the animation is finished) I’d draw the octopus as a bline region, (you can trace the octopus by importing it as an image first) and because the text editor is not yet perfect in synfig I’d do the text in GIMP or photoshop and import it as a PNG file with transparency where necessary.

Once you’ve got the whole thing looking how the final logo appears, Keyframe it as 4s.

Then with animate mode on you can just work backwards through your animation, move the time back as you contract the octopus legs to turn it into a ball, and move all the ducks up into the top right, you could just make them closer to each other to make it smaller (so it looks like it’s getting further back earlier in the animation) or you can encapsulate the octopus and add a scale transformation to make it smaller earlier in the animation.

Text can be animated the same way, once it’s keyframed at 4s, in animate mode just move it off the screen at the time you want it to move in.

Anyway, hope that helps, although I am not expert so you may want someone else to give you some input. But what you’re trying to do is definitely possible in synfig.

Good luck.

Looks like it could be easily achieved in Synfig. Just treat your different octopus body parts separately, body in one layer, legs in 8 different layers, and you should be able to do what you want.

Hi There,
This is what I did so far.
I took the finished logo and loaded it a a background picture. Then I did what Borance advised. I drawed the complete logo in several stages as it should grow…I got 20 steps or layers. Now I am stuck because I can´nt get the thing to move…I did started at 2s this is the time when the logo should move into the screen and should be finished, an then I turned on animation mode. Then I started going backwards beginning to shut off one layer by layer and going back on the time frame to 0.
But it does not do anything else then show me the finished logo…
Do I have to encapsulate all layers ?? and what then ???
Hope you have a idea for me.
Best Regards

I would recommend to do an example with a single leg from the octopus. Depending on much organic or cartoon do you want your animation, you’ll need more or less work.
Additionally to that, please read and do the basics tutorials. Most of the questions you’re requesting us are already explained in the manual.