(Hopeful) future writer, saying hello.

Hey, everyone, I’m RaichuWizDom.

I’m a big fan of animation in general, series more than movies, and especially the kind involving animals. But despite being a fan, I never learned how to do any ‘proper’ art in school, so drawing is still an iffy thing for me. My college background is biological sciences, my current day job is… well, none :blush:

Anyhoot, I’m a member of the furry fandom, the Filly fandom, and the brony fandom. On the latter, I’m mostly a fanfic writer, I go by the name Wise Cracker on FimFiction, in case anyone here hangs out in those parts.

I am familiar with Blender, but not proficient with it yet. I’ve only made three or four fully rigged and poseable models, only one of which looks sort of half decent. I know the mechanics of it, though, which helps in understanding Synfig a little bit, I find. Synfig, I think I’ve managed to learn enough to the point that I can do something serious with it, but I’m not entirely sure what yet. I’d like to be a technical writer one day (and/or an Amazon author on the side), so writing tutorial material for Synfig should be a good start, right?

On that note, I have some material ready to show as a proof of concept, to maybe lead up to a full tutorial on character creation. I don’t know where I’m supposed to put the link to it, though: in works in progress or in the tutorials section? I would want to ask for some feedback on the concept before I start working on the actual tutorial, so… well, we’ll see.

Hope to learn a lot and maybe teach a lot while I’m here.

Hello and welcome here,

Thanks for the proposal to help on the documentation side of the project. You can post a draft of your tuto in the forum in the documentation section, or directly request an account on the wiki and write in draft there. Thinking that it’s a good approach to treat generic usage of the software by practical example.