Hobbyist musician making a hoobyist's music video in Synfig

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I’ve been interested in animation for a while, and tried doing some stop motion stuff with a webcam. After finding Synfig I realised that this was what was after all along! A nice approach to animation.

I have zero background when it comes to painting or drawing or animating, my main interest in getting into this is (I think) telling stories and doing abstract animation. As my first project I’m trying to do an animated “music video” set to a song I’ve made. It’s going very slow, as I don’t put down more than an hour or two a week, but it’s going forwards! Also it’s very crude and clearly the work of someone who is barely even an amateur, but I consider this my first practice run, and I’m not that concerned about polished finish anyway.

I struggle a bit with the tools and the logic of synfig, but I’ve managed to solve most things so far, with the exception of linking which only makes things move around in weird ways. Probably something I’ll search these forums for when I really need it.

Happy to have found this place!


Hello Stefan,

welcome to Synfig and it’s community! I hope you’ll find Synfig a joy to use and that it will help you creating your music video! Keep us updated on your progress!

Hi Stefan!
Welcome to the forums! I’m eager to see your firsts steps on 2D animation.
Please feel free to ask anything you need although it might be considered obvious by us. This will point us to improve Synfig usage for newbies.