Hobbyist directory

I’ve got an idea, most of us like to make art for fun, but those stuff need a huge skillset to be nicely done and most of people only enjoy doing some parts of it while others don’t. Imagine the awesome things that can be done by a team where each member would mostly do only what he/she enjoy.

The idea is simple, anyone who would like to be asked for help with a project (for fun) can write down what they like to do the most and what they will definitely not do, maybe also some of their works (maybe up to 5 thumbnails of up to 150 x 200 and external links, for ease of use). Remember that you have to be able to get private message or post your email.

I start:

I do:

  • Illustration (concept, background…)
  • Pencil tests
  • Vectorizing, coloring, post production

I don’t do:* Write

  • Storyboard
  • Technical drawing (accurate devices, cars, guns…)

Hello, I am a hobbyist like you…with some time and little focus :cry:. If I keep a clear mind, I could get things done faster.

I do:
Concept art
voice act
video edit

I don’t:
3d (yet. I would like to learn blender 1 day.)

I would have some gifs for you, but my best examples are on youtube. I like your art btw, and I’ve seen them on your page before on a different site =)