Hiding image during animation


I’ve downloaded and have been playing with synfig today. I’d like to say, I really like the software although my brain cant keep up with it.

I have a problem where say I’ve imported two PNGs, one with a character smiling and another frowning (mine’s a little more complicated than that but it’s the same problem). Up to second one I want the smiling image to be visible and after that, the frowning image to appear and the smiling one to hide.

I’ve tried the changing the ‘amount’ on the smile layer to zero at 1s but that creates a fade from 0s-1s. I’ve tried unticking the layer with the smile but that applies it to the whole timeline. I need it to be there then vanish.

Can anyone help me?



Sounds like you’re using the default interpolation for waypoints - try selecting ‘constant’, which will instantaneously switch from 0 to 1 instead of gradually doing it.
Check out interpolation methods at synfig.org/wiki/Waypoints#Interpolation


Excellent! That’s exactly what I wanted!

Many thanks