Hidden Folders-The Vista way!

Well, it seems when I loaded Synfig on Windows Vista the first time I had no idea it would haunt me like this. When I’m in Synfig I can see the “Creations” folder that came with Synfig, this is where I originally kept my files. I went to check “C:\Programs\Synfig” in my explorer, and to my surprise I couldn’t see the “Creations” folder. I then went to make sure I could see all hidden files, and nothing, then I entered the necessary text to show all hidden files in “Command”, nothing… so now I don’t know what the solution is. I then deleted everything “Synfig” related including Gttk, just to make sure, and when I installed everything again those haunting files still existed. If anyone could think of anything I would appreciate the help. :confused:

I never heard of any Creations folder, are you sure that came from synfig? What happens when you save your animation to the desktop instead?

Well, I’m not calling you a liar, but when I first loaded Synfig, probably the oldest version, because the newest wasn’t available yet It came with a folder called “creations” then all hell came lose, and voiala! what I don’t understand is… either the files that have been made still exist somewhere on my comp, and when I install Synfig it finds all of the files that I worked with previously. I’m just very curious, and am still tinkering to find out what in the Sam hell happened. Even if it “was” a folder that I made, and forgot about it’s still strange, and interesting enough for me to care to see what’s actually happened.

Well, I found the “Creations” folder. I guess it was in Appdata plus a string of locations following. I found it in a folder called “VirtualStore”. I guess this means it wasn’t visible by my computer, but it still existed. I did an advanced search with the name “Creations”, and voila! there it was. The problem is solved, thanks for everyones help. I appreciated it fully. I’m just glad I know what happened. :smiley:

This is a Vista feature. This page descrbes it like this:

So I’m guessing you did originally create the folder. You tried to create it in C:\Program Files\Synfig, but Vista noticed you didn’t have permission to write there, so it put it in the VirtualStore and just pretended that it had made it in the Synfig folder.

not trying to be argumentive, but i HAVE Vista, and i went to the location u described…and i could not find the ‘appdata’ folder!!! don’t know what ur talking about! yo!