hello, i am rafael`s son, i’m new in synfig and like it, i can do great animations and it has a lot of tools.

greetings to all¡

Hi Rich-hard, welcome to Synfig!
Feel free to ask your questions and share your animations here.

thanks, and want to say that my english is not very good, and in the last post i want to say that IS POSIBLE TO MAKE GREAT ANIMATIONS, i don`t want to say that i can do it.(maybe in the future…)

LOL, I was about to make a joke about that…, then I realized that I am specialist on create confusing English combinations that produces different meaning than the wanted… So we are in the same club :wink:

American English is such a hodgepodge of other languages, cultures, and grammar rules that even many native speakers fail to get it 100% right. So it’s actually a really, really big club. :laughing:

Welcome, Rich-hard!


jajaja, i am really in this group, : :laughing: :laughing: i, ve shown that in my first post :blush:
i’m sure that i will continue writing confusing english combinations like you genete :laughing: ¡, and thanks (by/for) your understanding muhkayoh.

i wlll try to learn more english

Hey ! wellcome