Hi y'all

I am a newbie in both animation and synfig , but I got one ambitious project . I am trying to build one flash card application for my little toddler , so she can learn from it . All I have found from online tutorial is how you can make layers in gimp , import them into synfig . That part I have covered .
Now here I am stuck ,now say I have two layers each with one picture say frame000 and frame002 , I have created one layer in between, It has the frame000 picture in view and frame002 picture in right corner .I named it frame001 . I would like the frame002 picture to fly from right corner and sit on top of frame000 simulating flashcard .
Can anyone give me any idea ?

Hi sudeepapc,
Read this:
wiki.synfig.org/Doc:How_Do_I#Mov … yer_Origin
The wiki is a good place to read.