Hi! Teacher using Synfig for school and Whiteboard Animation

Hi everyone,

I just read the line that encouraged new members to introduce themselves, etc. I’ve been using Synfig for about a week now. My purpose is to create something similar to whiteboard animations in Synfig, although I am also interested in all kinds of animation.

I’m not the fastest guy around figuring out a new program, and I often struggle to work something out. I have to say, I haven’t found Synfig to be very intuitive, but I’m getting there.

I hope to have the time to contribute, I am bilingual spanish / english, and I also speak french. However, rather than translating, I would like to either contribute at writing guides for newbies (I really want to help people avoid the difficulties I have encountered); also I have some softskills in programming, nowhere close to the level required for frontline development. My only experience in professional software development is the occasional fliecheck to help someone debug, and long sessions of going thoroughly through a list trying out all the functionalities of the program to ensure it works.

Well, nice to meet you all, If anyone is interested in this whiteboard animation stuff, then let me know!

Hi ogodon, welcome to the forums!

You can register to the wiki and crate basic tutorials.

Hi…Ogodon…I am definte interested in using synfig for whiteboard animation…can you post what you have done so far? or drop me an email…I am very interested in figuring it out too!