Hi, Pleased to meet you all.

I’m new here, thats obvious.
I’m using mac, and I failed to download the .dmg file twice. It got stuck in the middle. somehow I am trying to download it again. this unfair amount of file, 440 MB. my internet is slow. It’s a huge file compared to other OS.
Im interested in using synfig because of one video forgot where that was.
It can animate the drawing! like, lets say I got human drawing, I put the stick on it to represent the bone, when I move the bone, the drawing MOVE! I hope it’s ready doable in synfig, because the video says it’s made using synfig.
It’s doesn’t seems like chopping parts to me, as in macromedia flash or something like that, moving part should be separated.

ok…I’m still downloading. 57%, hopefully it can be done.

Hello and welcome here,

Yep, Synfig for mac download is a maltreatment… this is due to dependcies needed . Maybe could you do a request in the bug tracker to “post it” the problem for future devellopement. Good luck with your download

you will found in the wiki a tutorial explaining how to setup bones in synfig - by the way the rest of the wiki is a “must read” for new users.

have a nice xp with synfig, and do not hesitate to dig this forum it’s a huge source of info.