Hi New User Here


I downloaded the program, and I’ve been through most of the tutorials, but I am frustrated with learning the program. I can move a ball and morph a shape, and other very simple things, but in no shape or form do I understand the lingo in the manual, or all the functions. I really want to master it, so I can make complex animations to attach to music I make with FL Studio and post youtube videos. If I can master this program, and someone can help me, I would be more than willing to invest money in the development of the program.

The manual is not intuitive, and the neither are most of the tutorials, but I understand that this is a complex program, and am impressed with peoples work, and the time they put into it. I blame my own inability to learn this stuff. I need small doses in lamens terms.

Anyway, I’ll keep reading the manual and trying to connect the dots.




And yes, Synfig Studio is complex, you have to spend time on it to master it. Regarding manuals and tutorials, I am sure you have follow the wiki pages at least the Diving In sessions. If you prefer more intuitive matters such as video courses, you can take a look at the training package.

Good luck and looking forward to your animation created with Synfig Studio. :slight_smile:

Hey, I actually got that far, and made a rudimentary animation after I understood the basics. I shouldn’t be frustrated considering I haven’t had the program for more than a week. I’m probably doing better than I think I am. I got red/white/ blue undulating background with stars spiraling from the foreground to the center in perspective. lol I’m working on something funny.

Anyways I noticed portions of the manual are not complete, and I’ve checked out a million videos and got a lot of good tips. I was having trouble creating bones for a character I was making, so I tried reverse engineering the skeleton plugin, without avail (How to link two specific parameters?) haha. There is a man named Konstantin who is one of the people currently working on finishing and upgrading the program right now. I commented on the bones thing in one of his youtube tutorials, and he got back to me. He is helpful and quick, the guy is doing some awesome work.

He told me to download the new developmental version, so I did, and it actually has a bones function, which the older version does not. I think main issue with user friendliness is mainly that the program was abandoned in 2005 to public license. And now people are making real progress in how the program functions.

I gotta say, the new developemental version I got (0.65.0) Is actually faster, and has less hiccups than the finished 0.64.1, and is a little more intuitive. With that in mind, Konstantin is doing some good work, and I think he is addressing the issues users typically have. All the effort is going into the writing of the program right now, and noticed the manual is drifting farther away from the program, and it’s in technical computer language, like a math book, so hopefully the next step is to get that manual written in laymen’s terms. As I begin to really master the program, I hope to help in that regard.