Hi my intro

I just recently found this site through a google for a alternative to flash, since that is way to costly for a program i’ll just use for a hobby. I’ve always watched those animations people made on youtube and all that and had tried my hand at it with a simple ball bounce a few years back when i was in middle school. But over the recent years i haven’t been able to get back into it. I hope through this i can hopefully get into animation in this, and do it easily(though i’ve been stuck on that bouncing ball for a couple hours since my discovery of this site)

Hi milleja46, welcome to the forums.
I’ve seen your comments on IRC and I strongly recommend to read carefully and do the first tutorials:
(in this order)

This is mandatory for someone not used with Synfig Studio interface and its layer’s concept :wink:

Good luck!

Thanks for that, though that’s what i was using to help myself. I even tried that gradient part of the layer thing but with a circle in place of a rectangle. But when i “encapsulated” both the ball(circle) and gradient when to background showing as if nothing was there…
(i’m running on win7 64-bit)

I bet that you have the default blend method at the toolbox set to “Onto”.
Unless you want to make all layers ‘onto’ other(s), leave the default blend method to ‘composite’.
Which must be ‘onto’ is the gradient layer and it is achieved by changing the blend method parameter of that layer to ‘Onto’ in the layer’s parameter panel.

oh, well i’ll try that when i get back on my computer since i don’t have it right now.

I actually got my first animation working, i have to say this is similar to flash so it only took like 5 minutes once i got used to the keyframe thing in this. I wonder what else i could do. It’s a bouncing ball animation
Bouncing ball.sifz (1.03 KB)

I saw you on IRC, but just missed you! Glad you got things running. Let us know if you have any questions.

thanks i just gotta work out a few bugs in that animation because there’s a roll where there shouldn’t be

Edit: here’s a pic of the animaton