Hi Justin Here

Hi everyone,

my name is Justin,

I have been interested in animation for some time and have probably tried every 2d animation software at one time or another. Most of them have been lacking in some way, they all seem to have strengths and weaknesses. Synfig looks interesting and very powerful and really is probably better than many commercial applications out there. I am currently working my way through the manual at present. Hopefully I will have some interesting animations to share with you all very soon !

All the best,


Welcome Justin.
Feel free to ask any question you have.

Thanks for the welcome Genete,

I used to lurk at the Anime Studio forum so I am aware of your wonderful input there and now here.

I am really enjoying this software so far. Something about GPL software makes me enjoy learning it more than commercial software. With open source stuff I feel like I can take as long as I like to learn it, with commercial software it is like I am running out of time before the next release makes the current one obsolete and I have to fork out some more money for a new licence. I feel like if I have not done anything with the commercial software I have wasted my money and time.