Hi Im Veronica Vinyl

Hi , I have kinda come at this site sorta ass backwards as I have been a professional illustrator for years and screen writer as well as international Erotic artist. I decided a couple years back to try my hand at animation ,or more acurately sorta motion comics as a means of telling of a story. My first experiment in this using nothing but a pile of pen and inks and my video editor kinda of took off bigger than i expected and won two film fesitivals . Now granted these were adult oriented material and the festivals were geared towards erotic art but none the less the results kinda blew me away. so i began expanding on my concept with facial animation software to my next project a web series called Diary of Pervert. Once again success in the three video sharing sites I uploaded to the first episode went over 10,000 views in a week. So once again here i am looking to up the ante. This time im gonna try to add some full on animation to future episodes. However the animation process im looking for has to quick and easy as this is a weekly series . Im hoping this is it. Im gonna sit down and go through the tutorials and see if i can assimilate the process. If anybody has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction then Please do let me know. Of course if you have any questions of me or i can at all be helpful helping you then just ask.Thank you very much and have a glorious day.
Ps if you are an of mature mind and would like to see my web series Its on da tubes at youtube.com/user/bigfaerie Its pretty different kinda stuff but hopefully it will give you laugh.

Hi Veronica,
you’re welcome to the Synfig forums. Feel free to come back here to find help on any technique and any doubt you might have with the tutorials. Also, any improvement, suggestion or found bug at Synfig, will be welcome.