Hi, I'm KitteWolf, and I'll be your fresh meat today...

So as you may have noticed, my name is KitteWolf. I am American, I speak English fluently and I am learning German and I know a little Mandarin. I heard of Synfig when I was researching free 2D animation software, and finally got around to downloading it when my friends and I got the insane idea to try to make an animated movie… Suffice to say, since it’s only been five hours since we decided it was go time, we haven’t really done anything. I like to draw as well, and I am fairly active on DeviantART. My mediums are colored pencils and Photoshop Elements 11. So… First time working with vexels, crossing my fingers and hoping it works!

Then you’re the perfect novice to show us how to make Synfig Studio a better application for you :slight_smile:
Don’t hesitate to ask or complain about Synfig! :wink:

KitteWolf welcome here…

the best advice i can give you to learn synfigstudio, is to devour the step by step tutorial wiki, and then eat all the more advanced tutos videos you can found easily in yt.

have fun!