Hi from Csanyi Pal!

My name is Csanyi Pal. I’m Hungarian, so we put the surname first. You can call me Pal which is on English Paul.
Because I’m a teacher in a Secondary school, and my interest is informatics too, I have a Moodle e-learning system on my home server here: http://csanyi-pal.info/moodle

I want to make courses for this Moodle system. Flash animations can be used in such a course as a part of a web page.
I know for Salasaga, but that is dead project as I know, so try to search for other such an animation tool on GNU/Linux systems. I find Synfig Studio and start to use it recently on my Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze system.

I believe that that I shall find here on the Forum answers for my future questions about how can one use Synfig Studio.

Üdvözlöm Pál!

My name’s Dave, I’m from Kiskunhalas. I’m using Synfig Studio on Fedora 15. I hope you enjoy learning (and maybe one day teaching!) Synfig Studio.

Hi Pal!
welcome to the forums. Please don’t doubt on ask any question you might have with the usage or workflow of Synfig Studio.