Hi from Australia

Hi all. Think my last post was in the wrong place. Assume this is just a greeting board. I am a film director in Australia. I teach acting directing and fight choreography and have just been offered my first feature to direct which is an action film to be shot in the desert in central australia. The story is set in the mid east and is a military chase saga. I am interested in animation and how to endow my future film projects with more vfx. Am particularly interested in working with motion capture and motion control systems in association with animation. However really know nothing about animation except basics I learnt in film school a long while back. so now trying to learn all I can about modern animation from the ground up starting with 2d. The school I teach at is also going to branch into teaching animation and was wanting to see if synfig would be a better platform to teach 2D than flash so I volunteered to check it all out. Have downloaded the software so what should I do next.

Hi rocketman,
welcome to Synfig!

You might start by reading the Documentation (Diving in Section). There are a few chapters that are well reviewed and that are part of the documentation review we are carrying out now.
After that feel free to navigate by the Manual to learn more about Synfig. You can join to the IRC for more direct support or use the forums for any question you have. We are all very helping people here (few but enthusiastic) and you always would have a good reply.
I’m basically involved in code development and administration and I have always priority on what professional animators ask for adding features.
I’m sure you enjoy Synfig.

Hi from FNQ! (originally Melbourne)… where in oz are you?
Sounds like you’ll be learning lots…:slight_smile:
Not sure if flash or synfig would be better for teaching - I think Synfig makes better quality animation, and has lots of potential…
though paying customers tend to want mainstream software regardless of which one is better, so you’ll have to be a good salesman to convince them to try synfig!
And if you’re interested in vfx, make sure you give blender a look