Hi, From Austin, TX.

Hello Everyone.

I’m Mr. Thraz,

I’m a hip-hop producer Living in Austin, TX.

I’m in the process of making an Open Source album and I don’t have money for visuals ( camera, video editing software, etc.).
that stuff really is needed to get your project any attention these days

then it hit me! if i’m going to sample from the public domain, using Open Source Software to make my tracks, then the
visuals should be OSS too. I can Draw…I’ve got a couple of Wacom tablets already, i could make a Motion Comic Video Series to go with
the project.

I figure i’ll be using Krita, GIMP, MyPaint, Synfig, Blender, Papagayo and Flowblade.

I Just took the Synfig Udemy Course but there is still alot i don’t know,
so i figure i’ll be here asking a lot of stupid questions, i’m sorry.

thank you so much for this software and for the answers yet to come.

Hie Mr. Thraz, and welcome here,

you are here (Internet) to be stupid … is’nt it ? … :unamused:

One idea to host your songs is to use the audio section of www.archive.org

Have fun with your creations and spreading freedom.