Hi from an animation noob


I have no experience with animation at all, other than making a few very simply sequences using GIMP. I originally saw the Synfig site many years ago (must have been 2005), and thought it had been abandoned, so I’m very pleased to see things have picked up since then.

One little thing… the version of Synfig Studio which is in the latest Ubuntu repos (0.62.00) has help menu items which link to the wrong places on your site. Might be an idea to set up re-directs to the new locations.

The current links point at:

“Synfig Wiki” -> synfig.org/Main_Page
“Tutorials” -> synfig.org/Tutorials
“FAQ” -> synfig.org/FAQ
“Get Support” -> synfig.org/Contact
“Keyboard Shortcuts” -> synfig.org/Keyboard_Shortcuts
“Mouse Shortcuts” -> synfig.org/Mouse_Shortcuts
“All Pages” -> synfig.org/Special:Allpages

You can make these URLs work using the rewrite engine if you’re using Apache and it is enabled (I think it must be because of the way wiki URLs look). In your website root directory .htaccess file put:

RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^(Main_Page|Tutorials|FAQ|Keyboard_Shortcuts)$ /wiki/$1 RewriteRule ^(Contact|Mouse_Shortcuts|Special:Allpages)$ /wiki/$1

Hi matthewg42,
welcome aboard. Thanks for the help on redirection of the old broken links.
Feel free to ask whatever you need to grow on Synfig learning.