Hi everyone

Hi there, I’m just starting to get to grips with Synfig. It seems very powerful, but
I’m having a hard time getting it do what I want. I’m from an IT background and
new to multimedia software so I’m at the bottom of the learning curve for everything.

I’m impressed by the power of Synfig’s abilty to export, transform and link Values. Is
this standard for such software or is it an innovation of the Synfig developers?

Hi Starurchin,


I’m not familiar with other animation software, but I believe the implementation of the value nodes, and the great flexibility that this offers is unique to Synfig.

Give a shout on IRC or post in the forum if you have any questions you can’t figure out.

Welcome to the forum and the Synfig world, starurchin!
Feel free to ask whatever question Synfig related. FOSS questions are welcome too in the proper forum.