Hi Everybody

So hows it goin, I’m the new guy.
I got synfig because I read about it being able to support bones and also am in the process of learning how to use GTK in C++.
I had a question I just wanted to ask.
I want to coordinate projects with a friend of mine who uses anime studio debut 7, is there anyway to import those anime studio files and export them kinda like how GIMP can import & export psd files?

Hi skyler,

It does support bones but it is in a very primitive stage. You have to define bones influence to points one by one by numerical input. At this moment you have to build by your self the binaries to test how bones work. See the branch here
If you want to contribute to Synfig, please let me know. I’m sort of code coordinator so I can guide you on the involving method. As first step you should grab the source code and build it in your system. Later you can start to take a look to the Synfig API to get familiar with the code. We need your help! :slight_smile:

I was introduced to animation with LostMarble’s Moho (now Anime Studio) so I know very well that application. I don’t know that it supports any export format to vector rather than a flash file and via Flash export it to Adobe Ilustrator (frames). So I suspect that integration with Anime Studio is just possible via raster images or videos. Since the file format of Anime Studio is not open, it needs reverse engineering to try to import it, and as you can guess, we wouldn’t waste our time on that.