Hi everybody

Hi, i’m Sek.

I work on linux since one year and i have discovered synfig since 6 months. I like to do some animations but the only one i have finished was a traditionnal animation. I had draw all pictures, it was too long. I want to creat more animations and faster and i want to use synfig because it’s a powerfull programm and i am against all programm from adobe. I m sorry for my bad english, normaly i speak french and it’s very difficulte for me to speak in english.

I post an exemple of my work on synfing

Hi sek glad to see we are almost two froggys in here. I am also new in synfig. :smiley:
good work your cartoon.

thanks you

Welcome to the forums Sek!
Very beautiful drawings. Please show us a nice animation!
Regarding to English, don’t worry so much. Many of us aren’t English speaker native and the ones that are native, are so kind to correct us.

Nice one!

I am new here . I just want to learn about synfig. Could anyone tell me about this .