Hi! Couple of newbie questions

First of all, I have very little if any experience in Flash (did some very easy flash examples looong time ago). I have basic experience with Photoshop+Gimp so I know about layers at least :wink: .

So, the first question would be:

  1. Does any object you make (drawing, circle… etc) in Synfig become automatically new layer?
    I mean, you don’t have to “manually” create New->Layer unless you want to add, for instance, new blur layer etc.

And the second:
2. Is there out there some basic “how to animate with synfig” page etc. where you could see how some very very very easy animation is done step by step (like a ball changing colour)?

I started to study at art school so in future I will propably go through some adobe flash-thingies. However, I would be more than willing to -rather- do things open source and therefore it would be nice to, at least, get a glance in how synfig animation works. I hope that in future, when I get to work with flash, I will understand even more animation and can also apply this knowledge to synfig as well!

For common layers there are some tools (circle, rectangle, bline, star, etc) but for the rest you effectively need to go to New Layer>Add and select it form the list. Anyway you can customize the shortcuts to be able to directly insert any layer by the right keystroke. See this page that shows an example of custom shortcuts: synfig.org/Keyboard_Shortcuts_(Flash

(NOTE: I’ve just realized that the images of this tutorial have been removed because they were not stored in the wiki. I’ll try to restore them)
And progressively all the rest.

Welcome and good luck!

Cheers & thanx!!! :smiley: