Hi comunity

Hi guys, im currently starting to explore this software, i discover it by surfing on the web
and mostly because i indent to creat a cartoon videoclip for my music Project, i am an electronic music producer
and as i belive that in the future music and videos will be hand by hand in websites like Youtube, i just started now
to discover Synfig, and other softwares like Blender

i have to say my experience with 2d its not that much, i know how to work with Corel Rave, Flash, and i understand
how they work (its a bit like the audio sequencers) but i didnt understand so well the Synfig, i hope to discover it
here in the forum

so far and after seen the demonstration videos from Synfig, i got really excited, its really a matter of express our selfs
in the right way and the sucess it may be archieved using one Free aplication like this, i have seen really good videos
on youtube, unfortunaly most of them without Sound, and this is what i think it can turn easy to me to learn this software
because i am an experienced producer and with everything i know about sound, if i manage this sameway…
im gona be able to creat movies with cinematic quality i hope, as i am also very creative

any way, if someone need help about audio and to know free aplication to use in case needed, just feel free to ask

see you around


Hi Ricciardo,
welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask here whatever thing you need related to Synfig Project. We will do our best to give you a proper reply.
This is a small but growing up community with lot of friendly people.
I bet you’ll enjoy a lot learning and using Synfig.