hi all my first movie under synfig


how are you ?

i’m steff para, in character made “tontont tutut” (means in english uncle tutut) and then
at participating to an animation movie contest i did my first movie using blender, gimp,
synfig and kdenlive & too audiocity and voice recorded

i give a youtube link


this is sadly in french speaking , the first one of 13 short movies
and then i hope you to like it :slight_smile:

i have a problem under synfig

how can i change the timeline duration more than 5 seconds ?

and too another

is it possible to import svg graphics without any crash ?

regards to you all

steff / dijon / france


Awesome bizarre character deisgns!

Go to Caret Menu->Edit->Properties->Time tab and set the End time something different to 5 seconds.

Yes it is possible:

  1. Be sure to use our latest version (0.62.02) from our download link.
  2. Before import to Synfig Studio, please open your SVG with Inkscape and save it as “Plain SVG”
  3. Import the saved as Plain SVG and it shouldn’t crash. Possibly it might have bad imported values but we are working on improve that little by little.

Keep the series up! Drawings are awesome!

hello hello

thank you so much

did not took the good way at learning

so then it was the last point to get with before
having my kids classrooms on ^^

linux rulez

thanx a lot yet



Surreal! But awesome!

thank you so much ! it is the first episode of 13

i will try to make better next time ^^

yes i do as surreal but well have no news from the animation
contest to which it has be done

regards to you


Salut, j’ai une question étant moi-même de langue française je me permet de la poser en français: lorsque je travail avec synfig, le rendu final de l’animation est catastrophique avec toutes les librairies sauf la yuv420. Malheureusement kdenlive ne gère pas le yuv420 (il plante lorsque j’importe la vidéo). Pourrais-tu m’expliquer comment as-tu procédé pour garder une bonne qualité d’image durant le rendu. Je suis sur linux Ubuntu 10.10 et j’utilise la dernière version disponible de synfig. Merci de me répondre en français ^^

For our english friends, the translation: I work with anglalorsque synfig, the final rendering of the animation is catastrophic with all the libraries except yuv420. Kdenlive unfortunately does not support yuv420. Could you explain how did you go to keep a good image quality for rendering. I’m on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and I use the latest version of synfig

hello hello dear collegue :slight_smile:

in english : by past i know the best way to have full quality pictures
is by saving in picture by picture mode

i mean two good reasons : choice bmp or png and so on, a none destructive mode
to save as picture001.bmp, picture002.bmp and so on

you have simply then to compile all this in editing software as premiere, kdenlive
and so on as sequential images

en français : bonjour bonjour ! voila des potes en 3d m’ont appris a sauver en sequence
d’images non compressées. donc tu choisis un format comme le bmp et cela donne
dans un dossier image001.bmp, image002.bmp etc. apres tu les importes dans le logiciel de
montage que tu veux en sequence d’images et hop impeccable ^^

see you


fantastic characters! thank you!

hello hello

yes synfig is for me a fantastic software

ithanx a lot for character, i can make worst ^^ more worst

see you for second episode



hello hello
synfig made me won in an animated movie contest !

a lot of software as prizes

fantastic software i will now work with coop of tvpaint 9.5

regards to all, tontont tutut is going to have a second opus
in two months

regards to all


Which contest did you win?

hello hello

i did participate to the tdt3d.com short movie contest

happy i am to win with all made under gimp+xsane+blender for backgrounds+synfig+kdenlive

i go do another short for a punk band and then use synfig with tvpaint animation

but as on mint for classrooms , i do search for something as a wacom tablet
but terribly cheapest and then compatible with linux 32 deb

regards to you all

synfig is in da place ^^

tonton tutut the main character will be followed soon by a new opus

regards to all :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: