Hi all (let me part of the community?... thanks)

Hi all,

My name’s Răzvan, I’m looking to integrate Synfig in my 2D game design workflow (if possible). I’d like to say hi to you guys.

Also I’d like to ask the moderators around here, what’s the heck? My post from Work in progress (“My first synfig animation (tank tracks experiment)”) section has been deleted. Why is that? I demand an explanation. All of the links that were there were related directly to the animation and synfig and my project games. But I also had notes on how I did the animation and what not? Are you telling me that links aren’t allowed unless they’re in my signature? Seriously? What if you have 10-20 projects, you make a huge signature just to have links to those projects of interest? What about the link to the art repository related to the game, which I explicitly wrote about being only for open source software (including synfig) and where I keep all the notes and is free for everyone to explore and steal if they choose to. And lastly, I’d like to say that it’s extremely unprofessional to remove content without even a warning, especially since I just freaking registered today!..

Hello and welcome.

Your post has not been deleted, it just hadn’t been approved yet (if this is the post you’re talking about: http://synfig.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9957). We, like other forums, have a large spam problem so we manually approve the first post of every new member, preventing most of the spam. Sorry if this caused you inconvenience.

Well… this makes me look stupid, but it was approved, and I saw it, then I edited it… then it dissipated and it wasn’t in the notifications system either and… I couldn’t find it in the website any longer so I assumed it was deleted for no reason. Sorry for the rant… I really thought that I broke some rule or something… my bad, but hey since you’re here anyway, maybe you know more than I do (of course you do :smiley:), was wondering, what are the recommended specs to run this synfig… I have an ASUS U31S with 8gb of ram and i7, but in the animation I did for these “tank tracks”, if I add a noise layer under the distortion layer… it gets well, extremely slow and buggy on top of it :slight_smile:… so I was thinking that my system just doesn’t work that well then. But to tell you the truth I would have expected the application to be a little bit more responsive, I mean, it’s only duplicating a small rectangle 100 times… with noise distortion… and an outline that’s it… :slight_smile: