Hey, I'm new :)

Hey everyone who uses Synfig :smiley: I have been wondering about animation for a while now and finally decided to download Synfig. As I only downloaded it last night I have played about, but I have no clue what I am doing yet but hopefully i will get to know what Iā€™m doing eventually. Any tips for a complete novice? I love to draw on computer programs and even just paint with my mouse tracker on my laptop, I am having difficulty finding how to make more complex shapes than the ones given and I have animated (I think) yet i cannot view what I have done? Maybe i am doing it completely wrong, hopefully not though as I am eager to start animating :slight_smile:
I will hopefully speak to you all very shortly


Hi welcome!

Please, read and do the basic tutorials:



Once done, please tell us one more specific question about where you get stuck.