Hey fellow animators!

I stumbled upon synfig studio looking for a solution to animate a project which I am currently working on. Unfortunately the program won’t work in my operating system due to a nasty bug. So until then, I can’t join you all using synfig. I am currently a student of animation and have studied at Cal-Arts in California.

If your wondering why I am not using a program like flash, toon boom, etc. I am not a fan of either of those, but feel free to enlighten me if you think I am no making the best decision here. Thank you all!

Hi tyrannopalmer! Welcome to the forums.
Unfortunately there are not many people that could help you with the bug installing or building Synfig on Mac due to the need to have a mac to debug it.

One thing I can swear: Synfig Studio is the best open source 2D vector animation software we are aware of. So please be patience and help us looking for someone on the mac community that could help on the building / installations of Synfig on the OS X system.

Do you think being patient on this would be worth it? Or should I jump to using an alternative like flash?

Synfig is a lot more complicated than Flash… IMHO. But I still prefer it. Unfortunately the knowledge one might get from using Flash is not particularly transferable to synfig. That said, making any cartoons is better than not making any cartoons.

The best suggestion I would make is to draw all your components in a seperate program and import them into flash. Then when/if you do move to a better program (ie. synfig :wink: ) you won’t lose your whole library of drawn objects. Does GIMP run on Mac? Seems to be the favourite.

Actually, I am well experienced with adobe photoshop having used it for years. I have never used Gimp and I don’t intend to unless there is good reason. And What I am looking for is film quality animation. Flash just doesn’t interest me because of the layout and the internet cartoons(there are some really good ones) I see produced from it. I don’t like the “flash” style nor do I understand the whole “tweening” process. I saw synfig as a possible solution to what I am looking for.

Due to my stubborn hardheadedness, I manage to get your little program working. What I did was install virtual machine and ran ubuntu and it worked. Now I have the joys of testing out this little program of wonders through a ubuntu simulation until there’s a mac version. woo hoo. :mrgreen:

So welcome to the virtual Synfig world!

Woohoo! Good work. Show us what you’ve got? :slight_smile: