Hey everyone

Well, hello. Visionofinsanity here, but I respond to Viso, that works for me.

Anyway, I am COMPLETELY new to animation, so this is going to be so fun for the first couple of projects. It has always been something I’ve been interested in trying, but never got around to trying out. So, in other words, expect lots of questions from me XD

So, this is definitely going to be a hobby thing for the moment, I pretty much downloaded one of the first free programs I found, and figured this would be good to see if it was something I would be interested in doing. I’m keeping things simple for now, just trying to do a little thing with an animated solar system, and already running into a bang-head-on-desk-repeatedly problem, which I will be asking after post is approved and verified I am not a spammer. But, I have a much more pressing question at the moment.

If I had put in a decimal number in that field while registering asking for the number between two numbers, would it have worked??? I didn’t want to test my luck XD

Viso, welcome here … have a nice exploration of the solar system threw synfig.

From the synfig wiki, you will found a step by step tutorial and other resources to help you travel there

Good luck my friend