Here's my latest animation.

Dear fellow synfig users…Here’s my latest Synfig animation. I know it’s not perfect :blush: but I hope that you will like it . :slight_smile:



Nice work. Nice graphics. Good use of Synfig. You are probably the most productive Synfig user at the moment. :smiley:

Thank you soooooooo much my friend.

I love Synfig…I once tried to use other programs…but I couldn’t …I always came back to Synfig…It has everything I want and expect from an animation program.

Once again, thanks…a compliment from an excellent animator like yourself means a loooooooot to me , really ! :smiley:


Good work!

One thing i noticed is that your last screen seemed pixelated. I guess you scaled one or two raster images??.

One question: How much did take to do all this video?.. since you draw the characters and scenery (or since you do the plan for your video) until you upload it? How much does the rendering of all the frames takes?.. I calculate :
1 min 28 secs = 88 secs ==> 88 x 30 frames = 2640 frames !!

Thanks for your comment.

Sorry, I couldn’t understand this
I guess you scaled one or two raster images??.

I am very slow . This animation took me about three months to finish ( I didn’t work on it everyday) …All characters were drawn from scratch.
If you ave any more questions please ask away.

I mean: … ge_storage
At the last seconds, I notice that the drawings are kind of pixelated. I was guessing you used jpg or png images for the last seconds.

How much did it take to render all your animation to video. I was “guessing” (again, because I like to believe I’m Sherlock Holmes :blush: ) that you rendered 2640 frames (or images) and then used other program to do the video file.


OK, no problem.

I didn’t use any images other than synfig ones…I didn’t import anything.

I worked on each scene on its own then rendered it in the form of .png images in a separate file …I saved them on my hard disk .
When I finished everything I used avidemux to turn everything into a complete video . And of course I added the audio file.

That’s it :slight_smile:
PS: If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask them :slight_smile:

Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince … I guess :slight_smile:

  • How much time did it take to render all your frames of your animation?

  • By the way, which computer did you use to render your animation?.. I asking these because the one I have now is so slow, and I’m trying to buy something better… :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

No problem:D

I rendered each scene separately so… maybe a “5 s” scene can take 2 -3 minutes sometimes a bit more. I’m doing it like this because rendering long scenes takes ages .

I use a Windows 7 computer and an I explorer browser.

I hope this helps

I’m open to more questions :slight_smile:


Sorry… I was asking more about hardware specifications like: microprocessor (Intel i7, i5, i3), RAM memory, graphic card. Somewhere in your Windows 7 (I think you go to My PC>> right-click >> info about your PC), is the information I’m asking.

A little apart: Now I know a little more about all the references of “Jack and Jill” in USA movies and TV (in movies like “Puzz in the boots”).


Hi again, Ok no problem. I have enclosed a screenshot of my PC specifications.

By the way, when I use Synfig, my pc becomes super sluggish. It eats up all my memory.

I didn’t know about the references to Jack and Jill in the movie you mentioned because I’ve never watched it. :smiley:
comp spec.PNG

Leila her style of drawing shows that Synfig is perfect for children’s book style animations and drawings without the need of making sidesteps to Inkscape and or Krita. I had the honor of going thru some of her sif-files to filter out possible bugs and aid her with the workflow and I can only say that she has the patience of an angel, because some of her scenes are really big and long and had a long redraw time due to Synfig slowing down with each effect you create on vector graphics. She also did a great job in animating her first walkcycle. Big thumbs up!

Awwww…Dirk…you made me blush :blush:
You said so many nice things!

Let me add that YOU helped me soooooo much with everything I did…You were patient with me, explained everything to me…The idea of breaking an animation into separate scenes was YOURS and it worked like a charm…It made things a lot easier and faster.

I aspire to animate like you in the future but this will require hard work and a lot of practice.

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I am extreeeeeeemely grateful.

Leila, I did publish your video in Google Plus and it had lot of success in my followers. Congratulations!

Oh, Genete, thank you so so much! :smiley: I’m so happy!

I can’t thank you enough… The Synfig members and developers have always been my strongest support.

It’s thanks to this wonderful forum that I learnt how to animate …I knew nothing before. :blush:

I have lots of imperfections as an amateur animator but I will continue to work hard and learn from this forum contributors.

You are all amazing! The more I use Synfig , the more I love it.

Long Live Synfig!