I’m new to synfig software. I have a simple project to make sound come out of a pan with animation from a steel pan stick.
I have the audio files, the steel pan image, steel pan stick. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to get it done?

How it should it work is that when the stick touches the note, the audio plays.

Here is a screenshot of what I have this far:

You can animate sticks hitting a pan and then render it and in other programme add audio file (unfortunately you can’t render audio in synfig)

For what it’s worth, I use audacity for this kind of situation. I just note down when each sound would come (in this case when each time the stick would hit the pan) and then take the sound in audacity and place it at those times. You can change the time in audacity to frames or seconds and frames - whichever is easiest to relate to the time as shown in synfig.

I hope that makes sense. By the way, your image is great. How did you shade it so well? I figure it’s gradients but I’ve never used gradients that well! Would love to know your ‘tricks’. :smiley: