Can I finished an animation in just, let say 2 days?


Sure! It is what I always do! Just press the magic button: “Do a cool animation” and synfigstudio will do all the hard work… :open_mouth:
Haven’t found it yet? Maybe you have to upgrade your synfig version. :wink:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



what are the features of flash that are not found in synfig?
just asking.
I used synfig.


what are the features of flash that are not found in synfig?
just asking.
I used synfig.


one more question for today:
my cousin is trying to learn synfig and his only 15.
you think he can do it?
he already done some simple animation like a smiley talking.
like this: :laughing:


I’m not familiar with Flash because I don’t own it, but the main difference is that flash can export natively to swf format and synfig cannot. Also I’m not aware that Flash has similar features that the main ones for synfig:
-Curved gradients.
-Distort effects: noise, gradient, spherize, warp, curve warp.
-Time resolution independence.
-HDRI color space.
-Fractals, particles.



Not only I think that he can do it but he has the perfect age for seriously start to learn animation. Synfig concepts are not so difficult to understand and the interface is very user friendly once you learn it. Please send him here with all his doubts and we’ll be glad to help.


We’re actully planning on making a movie.
But we’re still planning.
I’ll be glad if some of you will help.


How long do you create a whole episode of “Mr. Tiptoe Adventures” Genete?


uh! it took me long long time to START it. I started when I was learning animation with other proprietary 2D animation software. About two years :blush:
But once I seriously started the animation it took me about 2 months with a rate of three hours each day. I took the characters and the backgrounds from a child pictures so I just traced and animated it.
Are you planning some sort of short like that? :smiley:


Something like that. But mine ,I guess, will be harder and longer since i’m using cut-out animation 'cause I think that’s easier.


Cut-out? Check this tutorial:
Good luck.
The best advise to myself (to allow me to finish it) was: don’t be so perfectionist!
I hope you don’t need it because it delayed the production enormously.


Are there more types of animations besides cut-out? Something easier. And does Synfig require a good video card because my video card is just an 8 MB (my PC is not for gaming).


Synfig is not originally suited for cut-out animation. That’s why it is not so simple to produce. Synfig style of aniamtion is this:

  1. Create your drawings with Synfig Studio. Drawings consists in a set of layers (stack of layers) that has parameters on them. The basic layers are primitives (ones that produces simple forms but that its parameters definition allows to make lots of variations using the same kind of primitive). There are regions, outlines, circles, polygons, etc.
  2. Using the animation mode in Synfigstudio modify the parameters of the primitives you have created to produce the animation ilusion.

I recommend to do the basic tutorials, later the intermediate and then if enough interest, read and/or do the advanced.
Animation is not an easy task. It is the mixture of a good story, good timing and eventually good drawings.

Regarding your video card. If you can run synfigstudio you can use your current video card. Current Synfig release doesn’t use any of the modern video card abilities to render the stuff, so the muscle has to be in the CPU not the GPU.