First of all, let me mention that one crash per hour is pretty much ok for Synfig. So I don’t see much reasons to treat your case as “more unstable than usual”. :slight_smile:

Analysis of core file sent by you doesn’t gives me anything valuable. Without any additional information (i.e. steps to reproduce the problem) I cannot help you. Please try to track your activity and find the pattern triggering the crash, then report it to the bugtracker.

There is only one thing I can advice in such conditions: try to close the Navigator Panel - it might heavily increase the program stability. :slight_smile:


I don’t have the navigator panel on. xD It’s useless to me.

I realize this isn’t “more unstable than usual”, but it certainly is annoying and wondered if my reports could help you find the instability if you’re looking for them. As for the patterns, if this narrows it down in any case as it’s not always definitive, most of these crashes spontaneously occur when I’m playing around with layers, usually when right-clicking on those layers. Not sure what other action it coincides with (I’m too focused with “drawing” things in my scene that I usually don’t pay attention to the tools; Synfig has become my “other limb”), but it certainly occurs with the layers – either clicking or right-clicking them.


Just wanted to inform. Crashes again mostly on right-clicking (often right after using the timeline OR panning/zooming the screen). The crashes seem to be all the more frequent now (that is, within every 2 to 5 mins)…


Just in case: continue working with lower resolution and worse quality. Stick to software render. Check if the crashes continues.


Bug reports are always welcome to the bugtracker.
Also, I can recommend an awesome reading for you - :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to all!


Seems to crash even with lower resolution on. :confused: I’m sticking to software render.

Okay, I’ll do so. Can’t read the recommended read yet, but I’ll do so when I can. Till then, I’ll launch a bug-report because the crashes seem to be even more frequent than the previous releases…


I’m kinda late to the thread, but I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job on an important project, Synfig being the best open source animation software out there.

That said, I would be thrilled if there was a new fundraising campaign. This is a project I would actually like to fund.

Regards, Jfuzi


There is a new campaign.


Actually different ways exist to fund the synfig project and the monthly campaign (see reports here)


Ah, I wonder how I didn’t notice this? It’s featured quite prominently on the frontpage of synfigs website. Maybe you guys should feature it on the forum more prominently too, or maybe I’m just not the most perceptive fellow…




Not sure if this is right thread to ask the query . But being new to Synfig . I was about to install it on my Windows 7 OS.
I need some animations for one of my client .

On the download page ( I can see 64 bit and 32 bit Windows platform installer . Can you recommend which one should i install and try out . Although i am going through all documentation but though instant reply can help me out .



Hello seoservice,

It’s better if you open a new topic.

But with all respect, let me say: In my opinion, you are risking too much (your professional rating) in doing an animation for a client with a software that you almost know… or perhaps there are other factors We don’t know.

If your machine is relatively new (say form 2 or 3 years ago),surelly it has a system that support 64bits version. So it’s better to install 64bits version of synfig. The last one is synfig 1.0.2.

I won’t say more here. Please open other topic