Please read the Writer Documentation on the wiki first. Second create one wiki account and read the Editing Help on the bottom of one page’s edition.
Please keep same style and rules on the pages.
If doubt, ask.


Hi Genete, i can handle wiki or whatever translations to Russian (some things i don`t understand in tutorials but i think community will help me) and represent Synfig in largest Russian social network, so tell me what from that humble abilities you need 8)


Hi zurba11!
You can start by reviewing and completing the russian wiki pages translations from the Manual start to the rest.
Also, in a near future, the translation tool we are using for Synfig (Transifex) will have a new translation calling, so you can clean up and complete the translations there.

And of course, doing animations isa way to help too :wink:


Ok , i already start to translate wiki manual so i can study Synfig and translate at the same time, i will try also to expand Russian community of Synfig fans, and will made Official page (or not official if you mind) in Russian, it will be like tweeter, cause i think our people don`t use Tweeter at all 8)


I think that there are some russian groups for Synfig already. Please check out this website and contact to his administrator (Zelgadis). He is one of the administrators of the Synfig Project.



Yes it is already are :smiley: But its havent promotion at all. So i think i will try to attract so many followers as i can (maybe it will be hard to do :neutral_face: ) and if it will be successful i link my “News Page” with the Group of Zegladis if he dont forget were it is :laughing: . And if i cant to do that so we just forget about it 8)


Hmm… looks like I do really forgot. Where it is? :slight_smile:


Join here, it will be page for news, i`ll give you admin status.


hi, i have a Idea to help Synfig but i don´t found a thread for ProjectIdeas. where can post my idea. it is a litel bit crasy but i think it is a Diskussion possible.

it is a animationsprojekt but i do not know whether it is realistic or if it is not already what is comparable.


If it’s a suggestion for a movie project using Synfig I would suggest you post in “Synfig general discussion”. If it involves Synfig on a deeper level perhaps the development section is better.



I would like to help out with the translations area. I would like to make the hungarian translation.
I have registered at transifex. And I have noticed on this page: … nfig-core/
I can add new tranlations. But for hungarian I have 2 choices: Hungarian (hu) or Hungarian (Hungary)(hu_HU) which one should I choose?

I have downloaded the english po file and I am planning to translate it offline (using poedit if that is OK) and than I guess I can upload it for the hungarian translation.
But what about the header of the po file. I guess it should be modified, itsn’t it?
As far as I observed: the Last-Translator and the Language field should be changed. But are there any other changes to make to the header of the po file before uploading?
(Sorry if my question is a bit nooby but this will be my first translation project.)

Thanks for your answers.


Üdvözlöm Viktoria!

A Hungarian translation is great news as my daughters will be able to use Synfig Studio now! 8)


Hi, viktoria.s!
I guess Hungarian (hu) should be fine.

Yes, of course you can translate offline with poedit.
There’s no need to download English po file - just click “Add translation” on this page - … nfig-core/
Then choose “Hungarian (hu)”
The new language will be added. You can click on it and choose “Download for translation”.
IIRC there’s no additional fields in po should be corrected.
Thank you!



I have created and completed the Hungarian translation :smiley: . It needs a little bit of review, but I think it is fine for the first version. I tried to create a patch report here: Synfig: Patches, but there are some problem with my registration, so I was not able to report the patch. But I hope you can add the tranlation to the project even if I report it in this way. Thanks.


The patch report at Synfig: Patches now created. :slight_smile:


What a fantastic translation - you’ve put an enormous amount of time and trouble into it. I know it’s not easy as the logic of the two languages differs so much.

I’ve been reading through it with my rubbish Hungarian and I’d query just two entries:

Oblique -> Átlátszóság (would ferde be better?)
Kerning -> Kerning (would alávágás be better?)



I have created a thred for posting the problems for the hungarian translation. You can find it here:

I will answer your post there. (I guess it yould be better if we continue this discussion on that thread instead of this one.)

Problems with the Hungarian translation

Hi every one, can any one help me??? I was using the synfig 63.0 version for windows and it was working alright but I just load the 64.0 version and when i try to put a key photogram all program crashes, some one can tell me what to do???


What do you mean by “key photogram”?


Using Kubuntu, and Synfig (the latest one) seems to crash spontaneously…

I’m in a professional project currently. Erm… help? I don’t know what to do, or how to diagnose it. It just happens “randomly”.