Help with Z Depth Between Groups

Hello, I’m beating my head trying to figure this out.

If I have two groups of multiple layers, let’s say Group1 with Z of 0 and with three layers and Group2 with Z of 1 and with three layers, each layer within each group has a Z of 0,1,2.

How can I move the third layer of Group2 in front of the first layer of Group1?

When I adjust the Z Depth parameter of Group2 layer 3 it only moves it in relation to the other layers within that same group.

Is it possible to move a layer from one group in front of a layer from another group that has a lower Z?

Thank you for any help.

nope. There’s no way to do that. You gotta plan before grouping the layers.

OK, thanks.

I’m new to this and that brings up a follow up question.

Can I ungroup the layers?
I imagine that ungrouping them now would tend to mess up the layer order and affect previous saved keyframes?

Thanks again.

[edit] I’m creating several scenes to then bring into a kdenlive project. I think that I’ll just do a final render of this scene up to this point and then mess it up by ungrouping the layers and creating the rest of this scene as a separate animation.

you can ungroup the layers by dragging and dropping them out of the group.

There is another way to work with layer organization: It’s a Layer Set. It’s in another dock. Maybe you could try it.

Hi rodolforg,
If I understand your suggestion correctly, using the Layer Sets would benefit me for organizing layers into a group while leaving each layer as a separate item in the Layers dock, not grouping them, and therefor not running into the problem that my original post described. ?

If you’re a/the developer of the Synfig program, thanks for your work.