help with Time Loop

Dear all,

I am quite new using SynfStudio and I would like to ask you about the Time Loop layer.

As an exercise, I am planning to create a 5 second long animation that includes two main parts: in the first one (1 second long) I want to translate a circle horizontally, that is, from the left top corner to the right top corner. Then, in the second part (from 1 to 2 second), the circle should move down and up vertically, as a ball bouncing. The remaining 3 seconds of the animation I would like to repeat the second part, that is, the ball bouncing three more times.

But I do not know how to create the loop correctly. I have added a Time Loop layer, but I haven’t managed to do what I want. I have played adding waypoints at different times, with little success. Can you please guide me which parameters I should use for the Time Loop layer? And should I add waypoints?

I have read the tutorial, but still I don’t understand the meaning of its parameters, specially the “Local Time” one. My guess is that it refers to the time of the whole animation at which the loop starts (defined by the Link Time to Link Time+duration period), but it doesn’t happen what I expected, so I would appreciate if you could explain its real meaning.

Many thanks in advance

Ignore the ‘Local Time’, it doesn’t do anything.
You only need ‘Link Time’ (where loop starts) and ‘Duration’ (how long it runs). No need to add any waypoints unless you want to break the loop.

Check out my earlier post, subject is a bit different, but there’s an example of a working loop layer: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=9997#p31282

P.S. Pay attention to the category you’re posting in, please. You should have posted this in the ‘Synfig related help’, not in news.