help with rotating


I am currently learning how to animate in synfig but I am at a loss with the rotating feature I have an image of a music record I encapsulate the layer and add a rotate layer and I change the degrees to 1080 but there are 2 dots one green dot and one blue dot and the rotation is going around the green dot which is in the center, I would like for the music record to spin in place, I tried to remove the blue dot but do not get that option, any help would greatly be appreciated thank you.

hi machinate,
the green and blue dots (we called them ducks) are not rendered when the animation is produced (avi, mov or gif). They are just shown when the animation sif(z) file is opened in Synfig Studio.
Please share with us your work! We are always happy to see more people using Synfig!

Thanks for the Link and reply Genete I am sorry i am horrible at explaining things, I am trying to animate an image of a record I have, and when I rotate it, it does spin but it moves out of its fixed position, so at certain points in the time line I have to re adjust the position of the record so it looks like it is perfectly spinning in place, i hope this helps

The green duck is the center of the rotation, so by moving it to the center of your record you should be able to have it spin in place. Is that what you want?