Help! Synfig installation caused changes to other programs.

I wanted to try out Synfig on my Windows 8 (64-bit) machine, but after I installed it I noticed that Gimp and MyPaint were suddenly using GTK for rendering their themes. I uninstalled Synfig and GTK since both had an entry in Windows’ Uninstaller, but even after a restart both programs still have the same problem.

I use Mypaint on a daily basis for sketching, and the GTK theme is an eyesore. Is there a registry entry that might have stuck around after the uninstall? If so, where would it be located in the registry?

Check your c:\users\username dir. There may be a .gtkrc-2.0 file there that’s messing you up.

I haven’t actually tried Synfig under Win8 yet. I suspect it’s time to update the installer wrapper that we use. :frowning:


Oh, that worked like a charm! I was searching AppData, Program Files and the registry for leftover stuff and never thought to check my user directory. Thank you so much!

Phew! I’m glad it was that simple XD.