Help on fill with content the new site

we need help to fill with content the new site (now it uses Joomla! engine):
(both are the same)

Meanwhile Yaco finish the new site layout and skin I wish to insert the content of the old wiki ( that doesn’t belong to the documentation itself. The old wiki ( is completely copied and updated at and we should update it only.
The pages of the wiki that needs to be ported to the website are:
-Releases (I think they are all done)
etc., in summary, all the pages that doesn’t belong to the documentation.

If you want to help on that task please post here and I’ll manage an Editor account for you in the website. Obviously we have stopped users registration to avoid spammers so you need to ask any of the administrators (pixelegeek, zelgadis, yaco or genete) to create an account for you. Although Joomla! interface is quite intuitive, it is needed some experience on article edition and categories and section organization. Please ask here before port any other page and do not delete anything form the wiki until it is confirmed that it can be deleted.

Also wiki rework is needed. Unfortunately the recaptcha plugging doesn’t work well at sourceforge sites so not possible to create new accounts at the moment. I try to manage to install another anti-spam measures this weekend and disable recaptcha and then the people can join to the wiki again.

Thanks for your help!!


I can help out some if you give me an account.

Releases, Download, and People are done.
Gallery and About are done English-only: I can’t figure out how to add all the languages needed for translation.
News still remain
And Links… I can’t even find such a page.

Right now, there are still images used from the wiki. I’ll resolve those later.

Wow! Thanks nikitakit!
About Links I refer to this:

I can also help if given an account.

Also, the front page, preferably in the banner or under it, should tell new visitors what Synfig is. Sum up the About page in one sentence.

ghosthandm please send me a email with your preferences for the User Name, nick and password. Thank for the offer.



Can’t find your email address. Please contact me: ghosthand2000 AT yahoo DOTCOM. And I’ll respond back to you with the info.